Slicer software included

This software generates horizontal slices that is required for 3D printing, by cutting 3D model that is created by 3D CAD software.

Major Functionalities

  1. Importing STL data
  2. Creating support structure: Support structures are created based on the locations specified by a mouse.
  3. Produce slice data

Slicer software for M3DS:
NF Design CS

Other major functionalities described above, this software includes simple STL editing functionalities.

* Optional software is available for processing point crowd and generating and editing STL data.

NF Design CS (For M3DS)

Printing software included

3D printing software with easy settings for parameter for exposure. Exposure time varies depending on types of resin as well as colors. With this software, you can set suitable exposure time for the material to be used.
Based on our experience and results, we have prepared most suitable exposure parameters for each materials and colors.