Application Example

Potentials to Expand 3D Printing with Amazing Softness

"3D printer can make this softness. It's unbelievable."
"Amazing softness never seen before."

We have a lot of comment from people looking at our print samples.
M3DS-SA5, M3DS-SA5/4K Hi.
Support printing soft object with up to Shore A2 which is like human earlobe. It would expand potential of 3D printing in various applications.

  • Soft robotics
  • Medical engineering
  • Medical education
  • Medical training

Soft Robotics

Currently more people dedicate their time and cost to research in soft robotics field and make their wonderful prototypes with soft functionality. 3D printing would reduce time and cost to make prototypes directly compared to the conventional way of molding.

Glove for artificial hand
(Image provided by Profs. Irie, Osaka Sangyo Univ.)
Hand in glove

Hollow structure can be printed without support inside. The following pictures are the samples of hollow structure.




MITS resin has not only softness but also elasticity which is important to make soft robot.

Medical Engineering

MITS 3D printer and resin could be used in research of artificial heart valve and artificial heart itself.

The photo below shows the bottom of model is printed with soft resin and the rest is printed with hard resin. Also you can adjust softness of model with mixture of different type of reisn. It enables you to make several type of valve prototype with different softness. This feature would help the progress in this research.

Artificial heart device
(image quoted from Wikipedia)

Medical Education and Practice

MITS 3D printer and resin would help medical education. See the examples of organs model and vascular model.

Heart model 
Liver model 

3D organ models printed by MITS 3D printer provide real shape image of organ and softness with certain texture. It would be helpful for student to learn and understand compared to they only have 2D image from CT or MRI.

MITS 3D printer can print organ model or vascular model for suture practice. By adjusting softness of 3D model with resin mix, vascular with normal softness and vascular hardened with sickness could be made.