Other Samples with Acrylic Resin

Heat Resistant Acrylic Resin

Bones and Organs

Model: M3DS-200 / Material: Heat Resistant Acrylic Resin
This sample looks very complex and challenging to print. But it was not so difficult actually. This sample is finished with primer surfacer after print. Heat reistant property: 178℃ (Our conventional resin by contrast: 122℃)

Acrylic Resin

Engine block
Model: M3DS-SA5

3D printed model can be used for education to learn mechanism of machines.

Exhaust panel

Model: M3DS-SA5
Material: Acrylic Resin 50% / Rubber-like Resin 50%
This is a panel for exhausting hear/air electric control equipment box.
This 3D printer model is actually can be used for functional test for exhaust efficiency.
Because there is no need to create mold, this can contribute to reduce workload and cost for prototyping.


Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
Thin propeller geometry and sharp edge is quite well created, which is difficult in FDM 3D printers. This sample shows the strength of stereo lithography 3D printers.
This part was downloaded from web site.

Dust attraction nozzle

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
Prototype parts of MITS's own PCB milling machine is created by 3D printer.
For effective dust extraction while milling, we have created 3 different models of nozzles in 3D printer and tested for effectiveness, and most efficient geometry has decided, and best performed nozzle is, in fact, implemented our commercial product.

45°L Fixture

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
If you would like to have not standard L fixture other than 90 degrees, you can easily create in very short period of time. This type application is effective in many types of design in buildings or installation. 

Measurement head for measuring softness
(In courtesy of Prof. Sakuma, Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin

Varieties of geometry of measurement head is needed for measurement hardware.
Even for the parts with complex structure that is difficult to create in machining process, by using our stereo lithography machine, you can easily create quickly with low cost. After verifying the geometry of this head, actually this head is used for final commercial product.

Gear / Nut and Bolt

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
MITS 3D printers are of course good at creating common 3D printer samples like nut and bolt.
You can actually rotate gears or bolts like real ones. 

Vitamin C Molecule Model

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
This model is used to test blood flows in blood vessel with aneurysm based on simulation result, and utilized in laboratory in the university. The benefit of stereo lithography is able to create such geometry without seam. Because the material of the model is rubber-like resin, the hardness is close to actual blood vessel, also semi-transparent, flow can be observed by eyes.

Cube (30mm)

Model: M3DS-SA5 / Material: Acrylic Resin
This model shows the characteristics of 3D printers very well. For now, the smallest dimension is 1mm and is difficult existing machining process to open such hole. But with 3D printer, it can be created with ease.