Printing System

MITS Unique System Enables You to Print Soft Model

There are several print system of DLP 3D printers in the market. Many of DLP 3D printers use resin tray and Z platform. In this technology, the soft model may be broken by the separation force which is occured when the platform lift up and take the model off the tray floor. MITS unique technology called coater system reduces this separation force to enable the soft model printing such as shore A5.

MITS Coater System Compared to Other System

M3DS Series / Coater System, Suitable for Soft Resin

The resin was thinly coated on top of the coating sheet, and cured by applying a cross-sectional image from the projector below for one layer, then the cured layer is peeled off from the sheet and raised by one layer, and this process is repeated.
Since the object is peeled off from the sheet little by little, mechanical shock is limited at the little. This method is optimum for printing of soft resin such as shore A5.

Typical bottom up 3D printer

Putting liquid resin into tray, and platform is lifted vertically once while cured, then put down, and this sequence is repeated.
Many DLP 3D printer have the combination of resin tray and Z platform. When the soft resin (under shore A30) is used, the soft model is extended with its elastic nature at the timing the platform is lifted. It may stick on the tray floor or it may break when lifted. This is the difficulty for the soft object print with tray system.

Typical top down SLA 3D printer

With typical top down SLA 3D printer, a large amount of resin is needed as much as it covers at least the top of object to be fabricated in the resin tank.
When soft model is sinking down into resin tank, the print may be effected by the movement caused in the resin flow.