Printing System

DLP System for Long Life, High Precision, and High Speed 3D Printing

MITS stereolithographic 3D printer adopts surface lithographic exposure using projector.
Unlike laser scanning system or FDM system, fabricating speed is much faster, and it is easy to calculate the fabricating time, regardless of the volume of the object.
Flash75 and M3DS-SA5 have LED & laser hybrid light source on board. The light sources do not use mercury and is environment friendly. Life of Light source is about 20,000 hours (about 10 times more than the mercury lamp), and it is possible to reduce labor and cost of lamp replacement.

Coater System and Tray System

M3DS Series / Coater System, Suitable for Elastic Resin

The resin was thinly coated on top of the fabricating sheet, and cured by applying a cross-sectional image from the projector below for one layer, then the cured layer is peeled off from the sheet and raised by one layer, and this process is repeated.
Resin tank moves in right and left to coat resin on the fabricating sheet, and also to peel off the cured layer from the fabricating sheet.
Since the object is peeled off from the sheet little by little, mechanical shock is limited at the little. This method is optimum for printing of elastic resin which requires softness.

Flash75 Printing System / Tray System

Putting liquid resin into tray in about 5mm depth, and platform is lifted vertically once while cured, then put down, and this sequence is repeated. When printing soft objects, during lifting and putting into tray, objects shakes a little bit. Coater system improved this disadvantage.

Fabricate with a Small Amount of Resin! Drastically Reducing the Running Costs!

Amount of resin used for MITS stereolithographic 3D printers
Amount of Resin Used for Orthodox Stereolithographic 3D Printer (Sediment System)
With sediment type 3D printer which is used for orthodox stereolithographic machine, a large amount of resin is needed as much as it covers at least the top of object to be fabricated in the resin tank.

With this size of resin tank, minimum of 27ℓ is required