The World's First Composite DLP Printing

MITS developed the world's first composite DLP printer

In the left picture, the orange part is made of rigid material, and the yellow part is made of flexible material.

This composite printing enables users to make models that have multiple parts with different hardness (For example; Model of bone & cartilage), and we expect it to be used in various filed of application.

The Mechanism of Double Coater System

M3DS-SHD To be released in February 2020 (*in Japan)

Double Coater System
- Enables composite printing

We are going to exhibit M3DS-SHD at Manufacturing World 2020
(2nd Additive Manufacturing Expo)
(Wed) FEB. 26 - (Fri) FEB. 28, 2020
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan


Special Features
Double Coater + Cleaner
Maximum Printing Size (XYZ mm)
150 x 100 x 180
XY Resolution (mm)
Layer Thickness (mm)
0.025, 0.05mm (Switched by software)
Maximum Printing Speed (mm/h)
10 (Layer thickness at 0.05mm)
Available Materials
Shore A2 - 50 Rubber-like Resin
Rebounding Resin
Heat-resistant Acrylic Resin
Light Source
LED & laser hybrid 3000 lumen
Over 8mW/cm2
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
*including casters
1340 x 520 x 1480
Weight (kg)
Power Supply / Power Consumption
AC100V 50/60Hz 600W
Adjust coater speed
*The specification is subject to change without notice.