Support Shore A2 rubber-like resin


Fine Resolution with 4K projector

M3DS-SA5/4K Hi New

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Original rubber-like resin with Shore A2 hardness expands the potential of 3D printing

Soft robotics

- Cover for robot hand
- Joint of biomimetics robot
- Human robot interaction

Medical organ models

- Organ simulation
- Surgical planning
- Informed consent
- Medical education

Medical training tools

- Suture practice
- Surgical planning
- Informed consent

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State-of-the-Art 3D Printing Technology for Soft Material

The resin was thinly coated on top of the coating sheet, and cured by applying a cross-sectional image from the projector below for one layer, then the cured layer is peeled off from the sheet and raised by one layer, and this process is repeated.
Since the object is peeled off from the sheet little by little, mechanical shock is limited at the little. This method is optimum for printing of soft resin such as shore A2.

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