First in the World. Shore A2 Rubber-like Resin

Clearly expressed material softness with numerical values

Recently, we quite often see promotional expressions like "Being able to print with soft materials". Often, with only the word "soft", it is difficult to comprehend how soft it is. MITS clearly express resin hardness with values.
The resin hardness is expressed based on the standard of Shore durometer type A.
Sometimes it is referred as "Shore hardness".

Materials and Compatible 3D Printer Models

We add Shore A2 resin in the product lineups.
All resins are low skin irritation.

Product Sample Application
Shore A2 rubber-ike resin NEW  Earlobe Human body parts
Shore A5 rubber-ike resin Skin, Organs, Marshmallow Grip parts of hand, Organs
Shore A13 rubber-ike resin Gummy Soft parts of robot such as bellows
Shore A50 rubber-ike resin Tire Hard rubber parts of robot such as tire and caterpillar
Heat Resistant Acrylic resin (Hard)    

Mix Resins Adjust Softness

MITS resin can be used individually or two different resins can be mixed for adjusting softness. For example, mix Shore A5 resin with Shore A13 gets A30 or A40 depending on the mixture ratio.

Shore A2 Rubber-like resin NEW

Formerly Shore A5 was our first in the world soft resin and now we release Shore A2 resin which enables you to print model like earlobe.

Shore A5 Rubber-ike resin

This resin is suitable for printing grip parts of artificial hand, organs model and more application required special softness. Low skin irritation.

Shore A13 Rubber-like resin

Same elasticity as former product, plus improved low skin irritation. Suitable for soft parts of robot.

Shore A50 Rubber-like resin

Same elasticity as former product, plus improved low skin irritation.

Heat Resistant Acrylic resin (Hard)

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