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FP-21T Precision


Minimum pattern width (mm) 0.05 (50 µm) (2 mil)
Minimum milling width (mm) 0.05 (50 µm)(2 mil)
Working area (mm) 150 x 150 x 25*8
(6" x 6" x 1")
Table size (mm) 240 x 380 (9" x 15")
Control axis X, Y, Z
Control motor 5 phase Stepper Motor
Resolution (µm) *4 1 (0.04 mil)
Maximum travel speed (mm/sec.) *1 60 (2.4")
Spindle speed (min-1)

Spindle motor
5,000 - 40,000
Dynamic runout: less than 10µm
DC Spindle
Drilling (mm) 0.05 - 3.175 (2 - 125 mil)
Maximum drilling cycle (cycles/min.) *2 80
Maximum driling stroke (mm) 30 (1.18")
Tool change Manual / Single step tool change
Milling method Absolute manual switching
Incremental Yes
Compressed air (Mpa) 0.5
Power consumption 100 / 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 250 VA
Machine dimensions
W x D x H (mm)
Machine: 415 x 500 x 375 (16" x 20" x 15")
Controller: 125 x 235 x 305 (5" x 9" x 12")
Machine weight (kg) Machine: 36 (80 lbs)
Controller: 4 (9 lbs)
Interface One USB or RS-232C port
(Additional USB required with optional fiducial camera)
Standard equipement Fiducial positioning camera 60x
Stepping milling
Software: EASY CAD,Conversion & CAM
Options and accessories Dust proof, Acoustic cabinet
Vacuum table (VTP-CRM)
Tool protrusion equipment
Ring-setter/ Precision ring-setter (manual)
Drilling ring
Connecting Cable (USB)
Microscope 100x
Software: Correct DXF
Vacuum cleaner
Air compressor
Starter kit
Connecting Cable (RS232C)
Magnifying glass 10x
Extention hose for Vacuum cleaner
Substrate surface detecting function
Anti-vibration mat

Tools: High-frequency milling bit
End mills
Drill bit
Router bit

*1 Optimum speed for cutting depends on tool, material of board and so on.
*2 This is a repeat count of drill's up and down on the maximum stroke.
Optimum strokes depends on the diameter of tool.
*3 In case of 80 strokes, maximum drilling stroke shortens. (to be adjusted at the factory)
*4 The smallest traveling figures for ordering each 3 axis movement.
They do not represent the accuracy of axis positioning.
*8 z-axis stroke 30mm

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