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Pursuit of Cutting Accuracy

Regrettably it often happens that the cutting result does not live up to numerical values in the manugacturer's specifications. What makes it happen? MITS has been studying this issue from various perspectives and dedicated to improving cutting accuracy with high stability.

0.1mm milling
It is true? But MITS can do 0.1mm Milling
About the minimum width of milling
Tool and processing methods used for cutting small milling/pattern widths

About the spindle rotation speed
The relationship among the spindle rotation speed, processing speed, and the tools
Resolution and machine accuracy
It is misleading to regard that the better resolution of the machine is the better finishes
of the processing.

The processing method
FP-21T series and FP-21T Precision can alternately perform the two types of miling operations.
Maximum drilling speed and maximum processing stroke, Control method of Z-axis

50µm(2mil) line and space, the state of the art!

FP-21T Precision
Stepping method and non-contacting pressure foot lead to the fine processing technology

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