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MITS wide-range PCB prototyping machine

MITS produce large table auto tool change models with the table sizes shown below
for those customers who desire to process large size PCB.

Model 1) 425 mm (X) x 425 mm (Y)
Model 2) 325 mm (X) x 600 mm (Y)
Model 3) 425 mm (X) x 1200 mm (Y)

These three models are especially suited for fabrication of Antenna and RF circuit boards.

Special considerations that MITS paid in designing and building
of these PCB prototyping machines for RF circuit board.

To ensure desired RF characteristics, it is especially important for RF circuit boards to have
sharp edged patterns. We, thus, have been focusing our effort in achieving the highest levels
of accuracy and rigidity embedded in the design and construction of our prototyping systems.

The larger the work area, the larger the torsion and deflection of the axes, and the larger the
warp of the table. They naturally affect the cutting accuracy adversely.

To make a large table machine, you cannot just simply use longer axes. In order to assure
highest level of cutting accuracy, you need to have built in rigidity in design.
Our long table machines are designed and built to ensure highest level of rigidity for precision
cutting, while enabling wider work areas.

Although we do not widely advertise these machines in our brochures, these machines
earned great reputations among antenna manufacturers and other uses with special interest.

Software Improvement

In addition, MITS has developed a new function for our software which enables to
process even larger boards.
With this new function, you can cut a certain area of a large board first, then slide the board
on the table to cut remaining area. With the help of optional camera system, you can accurately
adjust the position the board.

It enables you to cut boards longer (in Y direction) than the size of work table.
Please note that the dimension of X direction is limited by the size of the work table of each model.
This function is applicable not only for above mentioned large table machines, but also for
other machines shown below with an optional camera system.

Model Name

Working area (X/Y)
Working area with the new function (X/Y)
Eleven Lab 229 x 320mm -> 229 x 2000mm
FP-21T 350 x 250mm -> 350 x 2000mm

MITS General Catalog

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