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FP-21T Precision Samples


We achieved the 50µm line and space for milling processing

Magnified photo of the track milled by 50 µm (2 mil) end mill.

Magnified 1,050 times

Compare 50µm spacing done done with FP-21T Precision and a hair
50µm line width is about a half of hair thickness.
FP-21T Precision is capable of cutting fine grooves as this photo.
A hair: Approximately 100µm thickness

Thin film processing using FP-21T Precision
You cut patterns on film like thin material without piercing it using FP-21T Precision.
(Thickness of the film : 50µmj

Pattern samples
You can cut patterns without damaging adjacent lines in such a narrow line spacing.
(Tool used : RF milling tool for 100µmj

University of Electro-Communications

- Srtio3 (100) machined by FP-21T Precision The University of Tokyo

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