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About MITS system

About MITS software

About MITS system

Q. Which equipment do you need besides Prototyping machine?
  • CAD designing the pattern of the circuit : EASY CAD
  • Personal computer (PC): OS Windows / Interface : USB port or RS232C port
  • Vacuum cleaner "Jetstream"
  • Air compressor, Ring setter (simplified model) base )for HP model / ATC model (Besides Auto Lab)
  • Tools (such as end mills) are required
Q. House hold vacuum cleaners are utilizable for the system?
A. House hold vacuum cleaners are utilizable. But there is a problem of the noise and some house
hold type cannot operate at the same time as the prototyping machine. Additionally, some are
not durable enough for long time usage.
Q. What is the advantage of the optional vacuum cleaner?
A. Compared with the house hold vacuum cleaner, it is very silent and has high dust-collection
as well as high air cleaning HEPA filter.
Q. What is the specification of the air compressor?
A. Please ask us more detailed information because the specification varies depending on each
mode Rough standard specification is as follows;
  • regulating pressure ; more than 0.6Mpa
  • Outlet air volume; more than 60L/min
  • Diameter of the tube; 6mm (outer shape)

Q. What is the standard accessories of the prototyping machine?
A. Bakelite board, FR-4 board, fiducial pin for double side milling, software CD-ROM, Install manual
Q. What is the file format that MITS machine can load?
A. DXF file and Gerber file.
(CR-5000, Altium Designer (Protel), PADS, OrCAD, WinPCB, Eagle, Microwave Office, AutoCAD, AutoDesk etc)
Q. What is the maximum working area? (unit : mm)
A. From 150mm x 150mm (FP-21T Precision) to 400mm x 365mm (Auto Lab W)
Q. What is the thinnest track width of the milling?
A. FP-21T Precision is 0.05mm (50µm)
Other models are 0.1mm
Q. Isn't it difficult to align the processing condition?
A. The items to align are processing speed or spindle rotation speed, but you can configure easily.
Additionally, the rough indication is written in the users' manual.
Q. What kind of material can you use as a substrate board?
A. FR-4 board, Paper phenol, Teflon, Strontium titanate, alminium, and acril material
Q. Do you need special equipment to fix the board?
A. Fixing by Scotch tape is sufficient.
Additionally, we supply two kinds of vacuum table.
Q. What is the thinnest thickness of the substrate board?
A. When using the FP-21T Precision and vacuum table, it is 0.05mm (50µm).
Other models without using the vacuum table, it is 0.2mm.
Q. Is it possible for routing and drilling process?
A. Both routing and drilling are possible.
Q. Is it possible to mill on the aluminum material?
A. Optional aluminum engraving bit makes it possible to process.
Q. Can you make the through hole plating after drilling?
A. We supply many kinds of through hole formation system.
(such as through hole pin, conductive paste)

About tools

Q. Is it possible to change the tools automatically?
A. Auto tool change model can do it automatically.
Q. What is the longevity of the tools?
A. For 90 degree end mills, we recommend to change the tool when milled 25m long.
For 0.8mm drilling bit, we recommend to change the tools when drilled 2000 holes.

About the accessories and the options

Q. How to choose the vacuum table?
A. It depends on the thickness of the substrate board. When the substrate is more than 200µm,
we recommend plastic resin type, When it is as thin as 50µm, we recommend ceramic type.
Q. What is the purpose of the fiducial positioning camera?
(The difference between 30 and 60 times)
A. This option is used for positioning of the substrate board.
Additionally it is useful in additional milling and in positioning the double side milling.
We recommend our customer to use the 60 times magnification when magnifying 50µm
track with the FP-21T Precision.
Q. Do you supply the dust-proof/acoustic cabinet?
A. We supply the dust-proof/acoustic cabinet for each model.

About MITS software

Q. Is it difficult to learn how to use the software? (Is the software difficult to learn?)
A. Those who have experience of using CAD, they are able to master it in about one hour training.
Those who have no experience of using CAD, they can master our software from 3 to 4 hours training.
Q. What is it like the license of the software? (Are there network license?)
A. There is only node lock license. (in 2007 Dec)

About the after-sales support

Q. What is the regular maintenance of the machine?
A. Lubricate the lead screw, or cleaning of the spindle motor and inside of the collet.
Q. Are there any maintenance contract?
A. We provide the annual maintenance contract. Please contact us for more detail.
Q. How is the repair system?
A. MITS repairs in our factory, but in overseas our distributors are in charge of repairing.
In minor trouble, we support our customer by telephone or email.
Q. How much does it cost for the shipping?
A. It depends on the destination, but essentially the shipping cost is included in the price of the system.
In case of the oversea, we export F.O.B. Japan.
Q. Is it possible to use the prototyping machine overseas that purchased in Japan?
A. Our system is compliant from 85 to 264V.
Q. Are there some overseas distributors?
A. Currently, we have many distributor in USA, Asia, and Europe.
We are going to create a larger network in near future.