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PCB Layout Software, Easy to Use

Simple for the biginner and useful tool to
designing high-frequency pattern


Simple Operation for Creating Double-Sided Board

After setting the line width and pad size, you can easily create a single or double-sided board.
Simply double-click to switch top to bottom layer and generate pad for through hole.

Enter Dimension at Keyboard

It is useful function for designing high-frequency pattern to enter dimension at keyboard.

For Anyone Familiar with Mechanical CAD Software

EASY CAD have the valious editing commands popular in mechanical CAD software:
extend line, parallel, corner round, corner bevel, move/copy (straight, rotation, mirror), offset, hatch and so on.

Milling Line Creation

The milling lines for the cutter are created automatically while applying a 1/2 offset for the milling cutter channel width around the outside of the completed pattern. If additional milling lines are created, unwanted copper lamination can be removed.


The X,Y coordinates of elements and the distance between the centers of two elements or the distance between their adjacent edges are displayed.

Truetype Font Support

You can enjoy to mill a variety of Truetype Fonts.

Operational Environments
OS Windows 8 / 10

MITS General Catalog

(PDF file / 1.8MB)

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