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Design View

Software that displays images with the camera.

Operational Environments
OS Windows 8 / 10

Pursuit of usability with camera

There are many useful ways to use the camera!

Check the result with the data pattern on the monitor

With our new "Overlay Function", no extra work is needed to
check the result with magnifier (loupe); it will overlay the
resulted milling path and data pattern on monitor, easy to use
and very helpful function for making RF boards.

Pic. : Overlaid image of pattern and the board

Measures the distance from fiducial point accurately

Adjusting and aligning position is not a problem using the
camera for processing double-sided boards or additional
process on a completed board. Having the camera image
displayed on the monitor, it gives the user an easier time and
confidence that it's in a correct position.

Pic. : Image of alignment to fabricate double-sided board

Fabricate boards larger than the working area
(Note: Manual Tool Change machine only)

In the past, the working area was limited just its working area
for any prototyping machine. Having the camera, it opened up
opportunity to process 2,000mm boards with our "segmented

Milling the front side of large PCB
Slide the board, milling the back side of
large PCB

It will fabricate part of the data, then slide the board and use
the camera to align and adjust for further fabrication.

MITS General Catalog

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