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Through-hole Plating Line


- 5 treatment tanks, 2 of them with heaters.
- 1 galvanic copper bath.
- 1 triple cascade rinse with flow control
- 1 splay rinse tank with magnetic valve, foot switch and flow control.
- 1 free tank (i.e.: for chemical tinning)
- 1 Rectifier for copper plating 6V/40A,

Technical Data:
Tank Dimensions:
-Galvanic copper tank (W x L x D)
-Treatment tanks (W x L x D)

275 x 400 x 300mm, Capacity: ca.30L
100 x 400 x 300mm, Capacity: 10L
Total size (W x D x H) 800 x 1,000 x 1,350mm
Weight ca. 80Kg
Heater 400W x 2
Rectifier 6V / 40A
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 6.3A

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