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Brushing Machine

Brush cleaning

- This machine has an oscillating brush with quick change holder.
- Brush, dryer, oscillation, and transport can be switched on and off separately.

Technical data:
Working area 300m
Board thickness(rigid board only) 0.3 - 3mm
Brushing speed 1,360RPM
Oscillation stroke 10mm
Oscillation frequency ca. 10 - 110H/min
Conveyor speed ca. 200 - 2,000mm/min
Rinse water consumption 6.8L/min
Rinse water inlet 20mm
Rinse water outlet 32mm
Board size 80 x 160mm
Dimensions (W x L x H) 590 x 760 x 415mm
Weight 70Kg
Power supply 110 - 230V, 50 - 60Hz

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